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29 February 2020

The vast majority of people who go on holiday to southern Spain travel by plane and rent a car at Málaga airport. The offer of car rental companies is therefore huge. The large international companies, such as Europcar, Sixt and Goldcar are located at the airport. In addition there are brokers that offer cars from various car rental companies, such as Sunny Cars and Rentalcars.

Photo: Sunny Cars

Carefree renting

Our experiences

In this blog we give you tips for carefree, simple and economical renting a car if you go on holiday to Andalusia and perhaps to one of our holiday homes in the beautiful unspoilt region of La Axarquía, east of the city of Málaga! These tips are based on both our own experiences and those of our guests.

Which package do I choose for a rental car?

Basic, Medium or All-inclusive

When renting a car you often come across different packages that you can choose from. There are roughly three options, namely Basic, Medium and All-inclusive. We will explain what the differences are.


The Basic option is the cheapest variant where things like flat tires, damages and theft are not insured. Often there is only one person allowed to drive the car and usually a minimum age of 25 years applies. It is not allowed to drive to Portugal or Gibraltar. When picking up your rental car it is important to check the car carefully for scratches and dents because it will be inspected from top to bottom when returning the car. Any damage will be charged on the already high deposit. With this Basic option you get what you pay for! 


With the Medium option some things are insured and others are not. It depends on the car rental company. Usually you can drive the rental car to Portugal and Gibraltar and a second driver is allowed. When returning the car it will also be inspected from head to toe and all damages will be charged.


In our opinion the All-inclusive is the best and most carefree option. All insurances are included in the price and two drivers as well as driving to Portugal and Gibraltar are allowed. Most enjoyable is the pick up and returning part as you do not have to check the rental car for any defects and when returning it, it is just a matter of dropping your car, taking your stuff out and ready! Without any kind of discussion, problems or time loss. It goes without saying that this variant costs a bit more than the previous two but finishing your holidays in a nice way is definitely worth the price difference!

Reliable car rental companies

At Málaga airport

The content of the packages and conditions above may vary from company to company. As we mentioned earlier there are lots of car rental companies at Málaga airport. Often there is a price battle going on but the corresponding conditions are not clear. There are companies that force you more or less to take out extra insurances. Also the approach of their staff is not always as friendly and it is sometimes even perceived as threatening by car tenants, leaving aside of course the good staff. It may be that you no longer see wood for the trees in the world of car rental. We can help you.


Excellent experiences

Are you looking for a reliable car rental company? We can highly recommend Marbesol, a Spanish company just outside Málaga airport. A shuttle bus will take you from the airport to this rental company in a few minutes. You hardly ever have to wait for a long time because the buses drive back and forth. In the arrival hall of the airport you report to  an employee of Marbesol and go to the boarding point of the shuttle buses. In the meantime, the rental car will be made ready for you.

We ourselves (and in the meantime many of our guests too) have excellent experiences with Marbesol. During our search for a suitable guest accommodation in Andalusia we always rented a car at Marbesol to our full satisfaction and therefore we recommend it to our guests.

Guests who rent a holiday home at either Casa Lobera, Villa Azar or Casa Montaña receive Marbesol's login details from us and can easily and quickly book a well-maintained car of up to 1,5 years old at a competitive price and with good All-inclusive conditions. If there would be a problem, which rarely happens, it will be solved quickly. We will be pleased to help our guests. 

Sunny Cars

All-in concept

Do you need to explore other options? You could also take a look at Sunny Cars with its All-in concept. This means that this company only offers rental cars with the mentioned All-inclusive option from various car rental companies. When booking a car you can choose between either picking up the car at the airport or shuttle service, which means that a shuttle bus from Málaga airport will take you to the car rental company.

We also provide the login details from Sunny Cars to the guests who book a holiday home with us. The experiences of our guests with Sunny Cars are also good, although the price of the car rental is usually a bit higher than at Marbesol. The decision is of course all yours whichever provider you choose and for whatever reason.

Photo: Sunny Cars

We really liked the tip in relation to the car rental.


Holiday homes, car rental

And much more

As you may have noticed we do not only rent out holiday homes in the Axarquía region of Andalusia but we also like to help our guests. Whether it is about car rental or other things. Did you know that we also take care of doing the first groceries? In this way our guests can drive from the car rental at Málaga airport directly to us and they do not have to worry about doing grocery shopping on the way. A relaxed start of the holiday!  Are you curious about who we are and our activities? You can read it on our website. Hope to see you soon!

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