Welcome at Casa Lobera

House rules and further information

We hope that you have had a good trip and will have a pleasant stay at Casa Lobera. Here you will find our house rules and further information. If you have additional questions, if something does not work or in case of any other problem you can always call us, send us a whatsapp or come to our house. We will try to serve you as soon as possible.

+34 608 347 547 (Aletta)
+34 608 133 540 (Martin)

House rules

Showing you the ropes at Casa Lobera

No smoking
Smoking inside is not allowed. If you smoke outside, please use an ashtray and put out the cigarettes herein. Do not throw butts in the gravel or anywhere else, also with regard to fire hazards.

We strongly request you NOT to flush down toilet paper in order to reduce the risk of clogging the narrow drain. Please deposit the used toilet paper in the waste bin next to the toilet. If the toilet becomes clogged due to your negligence, the cost of repair will be for you.

Water can be scarce during summer. Generally we have enough water in the reserve tanks but in times of extreme drought the supply of water can be stopped. Therefore we kindly request you to be economical of the use of water.

The tap water is drinkable. However, we advise you to filter the tap water first by using the water filter jug due to the large amount of calcium in the water. Please also use filtered tap water for the kettle and the coffeemaker for the preservation of the appliances.

There is free Wi-Fi. You will find the code on the white or black box located either on the tv table or on the side table next to the couch.

Spanish TV is for free. International TV (200 channels) is available for € 10 per week. If you want to make use of it, please let us know and we will arrange it for you.

Each house has a BBQ. It is NOT allowed to use this type of 'open fire' BBQ from 1 June to 15 October. This is a law in Spain in order to prevent forest fires. There are heavy fines if you ignore this law and we will hold you responsible for the costs and damages that result from this. In the case of use of the 'open fire BBQ': due to the long afterglow of the charcoal you can leave the ash residue, but please clean the grid.

A gas BBQ can be used all year round. You can rent one from us for a small fee of € 3 per day. Please let us know timely as we have two gas BBQs available. The BBQ is clean at the start and should be cleaned after use. If we have to clean it we will charge € 30 for each item used.

Swimming pool and play equipment
Access to and use of the swimming pool and the play equipment is completely at your own risk. Keep an eye on the children please. Children without swimming certificate are only allowed to the pool under the supervision of adults. Diving in the swimming pool is not allowed.

Towels for the swimming pool or the beach are available free of charge. Please ask us if you need some. 

Please do NOT use suntain oil because it has a very bad effect on the quality of the pool water.

In the kitchen of your house you will find plastic coloured cups which you can use by the pool. The use of glasses is not allowed there.

If you go out, please fold the parasol and put the garden cushions inside. Sometimes unexpectedly the wind is getting stronger!            

Garbage should be taken out regularly. It can be deposited at the roundabout at the entrance of the village of Canillas de Aceituno. The yellow container is for plastic packaging, the green container for glass, the blue container for cardboard and paper and the grey/beige containers for residual waste.

If something damages (either a coffee cup, a technical item or anything else) please let us know immediately! So we can take care of replacing or reparing it.

Washing machine and clothes line
At Casa Agave you will find the washing machine in the shed at the back of the house. In Casa Buganvilla and Casa Ciprés the washing machine is in the second bathroom. The clothes line is located either on the side or the back of the house.

Bed linen and towels
If you need clean bed linen and/or towels, please let us know and you will receive clean ones for the items you bring to us.

Air conditioning
If you wish there is a mobile air conditioning available on request, at a fee of € 9 per day.

Central heating
The houses are centrally heated, each with its own meter. If you use this utility, the costs will be billed according to consumption.

Fire place
When using the fire place please use only a small quantity of wood. A large fire is dangerous. It is important to open the windows a little bit to let oxygen inside and the fire burn better. Due to the long afterglow of the wood, you can leave the ash residue. We can supply firewood for the price of € 6 per bag or basket.

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
An AED (Dutch language) is available at our house. When passing the gate you will see this AED in front of you. If the gate is closed, you can open it and use the AED if needed. When opening the box an alarm will go off, which stops by closing the door.

The departure time is 10.00 a.m. (or later after consultation). The house should be left free of garbage and the dishes should be washed and stored. In Casa Buganvilla y Ciprés the dishwasher must be cleared as well. If we have to do this we will charge € 50 for the extra work.

We kindly request you to pay attention to the other guests. Noise disturbance has to be limited.

Public Holidays Andalusia

In 2020

Wednesday 1 January
(Año nuevo / New Year)

Monday 6 January
(Epifanía del Señor / Epiphany)

Friday 28 February
(Día de Andalucía)

Thursday 9 April
(Jueves Santo / White Thursday)

Friday 10 April
(Viernes Santo / Good Friday)

Friday 1 May
(Día del Trabajador / Labour day)

Saturday 15 August
(Asunción de la Virgen / Assumption of the Virgin)

Monday 12 October
(Día de Hispanidad - Fiesta Nacional de España / Hispanic Day - National Day)

Monday 2 November
(Día de Todos los Santos / All Saints Day)
(actually on 1 November)

Monday 7 December
(Día de la Constitución Española / Spanish Constitution Day)
(actually on 6 December)

Tuesday 8 December
(Inmaculada Concepción / Immaculate Conception of Mary)

Friday 25 December
(Navidad / Christmas)