Welcome at Casa Montaña

House rules and further information

We hope that you have had a good trip and will have a pleasant stay in Casa Montaña. Here you will find our house rules and further information. If you have additional questions, if something does not work or in case of any other problem you can always call us or send us a whatsapp. We will try to serve you as soon as possible.

+34 608 347 547 (Aletta)
+34 608 133 540 (Martin)

House rules

Showing you the ropes at Casa Montaña

WiFi is for free. Network:BB4S. Password: 23091993

No smoking
Smoking is NOT allowed inside. If you smoke outside, please use an ashtray. Do not throw butts on the ground or anywhere else, also with regard to fire hazards.

The tap water contains a lot of calcium. Therefore, it is recommended to use bottled water to drink, cook and make coffee or tea.

Be careful with the kitchen’s worktop. Please do NOT put hot pans on it!

The garbage should be taken out by yourself regularly. It can be deposited right next to the church every day from morning until around 11 am, except Saturday. Saturday it is at the end of the parking near restaurant La Maroma.

If something damages (either a coffee cup, a technical item or anything else) please let us know so we can take care of replacing or reparing it.

The BBQ is clean at the start and should be cleaned after use. If we have to clean it we will charge € 50.

Roof terrace
In the evening please take the 2 sunchairs inside. Also take off the cushions from the 2 chairs and the white top from the small table and put them inside. If the weather gets bad or a storm will appear, it will get either NOT white anymore or worst case it will be blown away! 

The departure time is 10.00 a.m. (or later after consultation). The house should be left free of garbage and the dishwasher must be cleared. If we have to do this € 50 will be charged for the extra work.

Public Holidays Andalusia

In 2020

Wednesday 1 January
(Año nuevo / New Year)

Monday 6 January
(Epifanía del Señor / Epiphany)

Friday 28 February
(Día de Andalucía)

Thursday 9 April
(Jueves Santo / White Thursday)

Friday 10 April
(Viernes Santo / Good Friday)

Friday 1 May
(Día del Trabajador / Labour day)

Saturday 15 August
(Asunción de la Virgen / Assumption of the Virgin)

Monday 12 October
(Día de Hispanidad - Fiesta Nacional de España / Hispanic Day - National Day)

Monday 2 November
(Día de Todos los Santos / All Saints Day)
(actually on 1 November)

Monday 7 December
(Día de la Constitución Española / Spanish Constitution Day)
(actually on 6 December)

Tuesday 8 December
(Inmaculada Concepción / Immaculate Conception of Mary)

Friday 25 December
(Navidad / Christmas)